A few simple and important questions. Muscles, stretching, trauma

Muscles, stretching, trauma | Shorinji Kempo Russia 少林寺拳法

1. Physical exercises

In the classroom, I am often asked why we do not spend a lot of time on stretching and physical exercises? I answer: we don’t have plenty of time. However, it should be noted that physical activity lasts the whole training workout. But, of course, on this issue, the guys mean those exercises that give beauty to the muscles. Yes, your question about this. I must point that for the tone, strength and performance of muscles we do everything necessary. Waving arms and legs in different proportions and combinations for 2 hours in a row — is an extensive physical work. And we have it also accompanied by push-ups (sometimes time for 100 for employment), work with the press, running etc.

Let’s return to the question. We practice 3 times a week, and the priority practice for us is the study and development of the Shorinji Kempo technique, but not pumping muscles, stretching (a set of stretching exercises ligaments requires in-depth study and should last from 30 to 40 minutes minimum) and practice of ridicule. All this takes place to be and take their niches in our workouts, but everything has it’s own limited time. Priorities of practice set these limits.

When I studied for the first two years directly in Centrak School, my classes were held 6 days a week, from 4 to 8 hours a day. Despite this I realized that this was not enough for deep understanding of Shorinji Kempo. Even in spite of the fact that every day for thirty minutes or an hour before classes I additionally did physical exercises, stretching exercises, jumping with rope, beating bags, running, bar lifts etc.

Therefore, if you really want to bring additional burdens to life, you can just do it in your spare time. Including any other practices such as tamesivari, chigung, body stuffing etc. which about you also ask. The activity of Shorinji Kempo is insignificant according to the schedule 3 times a week for 2 hours, of which not every adept receives regulary. Therefore, additional loads are introduced in the optimal mode and are limited by time.

2. Injuries and pain

The second question that is often asked is the question of pain and trauma. Sometimes people say: my back, my shoulder, my joint hurts … What should I do? What about me?… Dear friends, remember, not every teacher is a doctor. If you are seriously concerned about something, do not hesitate for a long time to visit the doctor. And if the pain and trauma associated with trainings, you need to visit a sports doctor.

People often trust the instructors and «guru» of different schools and systems, sometimes believing that these mentors are the repository of all knowledge about the world and know everything. Undoubtedly, there are various masters. Nevertheless, most mentors know their craft around, and in sports medicine and special practice recovery are superficial knowledged. This is absolutely normal, and they themselves consult a specialist for help, if there are problems.

So, in relation to medicine, injuries and pains — refer to those people who are professionally engaged. Perhaps, from the habit the doctor will say to you: «You can not train anymore! You can not hold out until old age! «. Of course, I’m exaggerating and joking, but this is a life experience. The choice is always yours. You can practice until the end of your earthly life for the benefit of health, technique and spirit with the right approach. Confirmation of this — Sensei Miyata, who recently conducted a special training with us. Sensei is 63 years old, which can not be said in his mind, but he works smartly, beats fast and hardly like a young.

I will give an example from personal experience. I did not get serious injuries for 18.5 years of practice because of classes as such. But received the only one because, being young and passionate, prepared for competitions in absolutely outrageous for the regime of the body and muscles, not giving proper care of the body, nutrition, rest and medical control.

Considering the above, remember that emergency situations must be solved together with a specialist. Remembering the words of my first teacher, I will finish with his favorite quote:

«Martial arts is the way to health, not from it!» — Alexander Rudenko, master of karate and martial arts.

It was for this purpose that Shorinji Kempo was created.

Author: Valeriy Karibyan
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A few simple and important questions. Muscles, stretching, trauma

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